Towards Edinburgh from Cairnpapple Hill – Watercolour in a Watercolour Moleskine

This is the view, towards Edinburgh, from the top of Cairnpapple Hill. Cairnpapple Hill has been used by the ancients for almost 4,000 years as a place of worship and a burial site. It is situated in the Central Lowlands of Scotland near the towns of Bathgate and Torphichen. Although not the highest point in this area the summit, at just over 300m gives impressive views. In this case Arthur’s Seat, in Edinburgh can dominates the view even at around 18 miles and, on a clear day, North Berwick Law is visible, to the east 37 miles away and the isle of Arran to the west is visible at a greater distance of 65 miles. The main reason is the flatness of the land around this landmark giving these unobstructed views which is probably why it was chosen in the first place