The Best Laid Plans O’ Mice and Men – Watercolour/Ink on a watercolour Moleskine

Sunday, 25th January marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Scotland’s National Bard, Robert Burns. This interpretation is from one of his better known Poems – “To a Mouse”. The first line was also used by John Steinbeck for his epic novel, published in 1937 which describes the tragic tale of two migrant workers during the great depression and which should be compulsory reading for students of all ages.

The best laid schemes of mice and men
Gang aft agley
And leave us naught but grief and pain
For promised joy!

Now pay attention – a translation!

Even the best plans, which mice and men make
Often don’t come to anything
This leaves us nothing but regret, pain etc.
Instead of what we might have expected.

I’m sure you all will join in the celebrations with your own Burn’s Suppers, Haggis, Neeps etc. Enjoy!