Bluenose – Ink in a Watercolour Moleskine

This famous schooner was launched in 1921. She was designed to fish the Grand Banks of Nova Scotia and race in some of the great ocean going races. She was fast and won many honours, quickly becoming a symbol and icon of Canada. She was even commemorated on a 50C Canadian postage stamp in 1929 (and other stamps decades later). Alas, progress meant that sailing boats became uneconomical and she ended her days hauling freight, such as coal, in the Caribbean. In 1946 she hit a reef, off Haiti and was lost. This is a video, showing her racing. It is accompanied by music from the late Stan Rogers – another Canadian icon – both sadly missed.

There was some good news. A replica, Bluenose 11, was built in the early 1960;s and still sails, as a an ambassador, from the port of Lunenburg where the original Bluenose was built.,_Nova_Scotia

Many years ago a song, popular in folk clubs, described Bluenose. I wonder if anyone knows of a recording of this or even can access the words. All I can remember, accurately I hope, is the chorus:

Bluenose, Bluenose!
Sailing through the wind and rain.
Bluenose, Bluenose!
Will we ever see your likes, again?