Simple sketch of a Rice Field, from a recent bike trip. I love the bike trips. Went on one yesterday to the Oil Fields and returned late in the evening. I found out that a night time the bugs come out and you have to keep your head down to keep from inhaling them. I was also reminded that even though its dark that doesn’t mean dogs are napping. In fact the biggest dog on my route was there to great me kindly. I almost ran into a truck that was pulling into a parking lot. I veered to the right and the dog had to veer into the grass. I thought I had him for sure and floored it. Then I was reminded yet again, this was the big dog idiot. Oh, thats right he has the big legs. Most dogs quit after seeing you floor it and realize your going faster than them. No, not this one, he had another gear I’m telling you. Almost like a cheetah. I can just see his back pumping his legs faster and taking longer strides. With a bark that can scare for sure he was right beside me again. Theres only one thing left to do and that was show him I’ve been training hard. Using the same gear, the big gear, one of two that I have that works, the other being a medium gear I burnt him like toast that was stuck in the toaster. It was too much for him and my adrenaline was like rush hour. Wow, finally it was over but still another house to go by. After passing that one and hearing the dogs bark I knew it was freedom at last….

Do you like the story? I’m trying to improve my writing :).