Bell Rock Lighthouse – Watercolour

This famous lighthouse, situated off Scotland’s east coast, first shone its light 200 years ago today (1st February). Although I have never actually been there – it is forbidden to set foot on the rocks as well as being too dangerous, neither had the famous artist JMW Turner who painted this famous scene, shown in the link below, as a commission for the Stevenson family. It is said that Turner, when submitting his bill for his work, said, ” … my paintings are regulated by size, it being somewhat above the thirty Guinea size but not so large as the next one, 35 Gns” So there you have it! Always paint as big a canvas as you can!

The rest of this article gives an account of the first months of operation of the lighthouse which was built by Robert Stevenson, grandfather of the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson.
Can I recommend the book, The Lighthouse Stevensons” by Bella Bathurst ISBN 0 00 653076 1 which gives the history of Scotland’s lighthouses including this one.