Arthur’s Seat – Watercolour

This volcanic “plug” dominates the Edinburgh skyline despite being just over 800 feet high. I’ve drawn small figures at the top to give some sense of scale. Its not known why it has this name, many think it was taken from the legends of King Arthur but a more feasible explanation might be a corruption of “Ard-na-Said” – high flight of arrows – “arrows” becoming “archer” then “Arthur.” Its the highest of Edinburgh’s seven main hills and well worth a “stroll” up for the views of the city. The side shown in this painting is the one facing north. Its best to climb up the other side as there is less danger of falling off and you can drive half way up to park at Dunsapie Loch. If you are unable to climb it please look at this wee video, shot a year ago, which shows the layout and its notes give more information.