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My name is Chris and I live in St. Louis. I have been dabbling with some form of art and music since I was a child and I just recently dove back into art. I like to paint for the most part, but I have just discovered the world of sketchbooks. This is the first sketchbook that I have begun and I love it. I've had some in the past but none that I felt quite as commited to. For some reason, these moleskine notebooks have a certain mystique to them that helps your pen keep flowing. Sounds silly, but I have never dove into a notebook quite like I have with a moleskine. Good books. Im pursuing art simply for therapy and gifts for friends. Art really has become a tool for being present with my surroundings. When I am contimplating even the simplest of objects in the room, I feel as though I am contimplating the world. Seeing it in the purest form. I tend to jump around quite a bit on subject matter, although I often tend to relate to plants the most.