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The trouble with the ordinary is that there is so much of it. When looking at something every day there is a natural tendency not to see it anymore. From there it is a tiny step not to appreciate it. We do this with the place we live, our dearest loved ones and ourselves too. Most of us are not really that trendy, confident, super rich or deliciously attractive. Most of the world is also like that. Even in spectacular locations such as Venice, if you scratch the surface the same ordinary people are there too. They just happen to be on holiday. I like to look again at all the things we can so easily miss, and celebrate them. Of course I am not unique in this very British movement. Stanley Spencer, LS Lowry and Alfred Wallis were masters of it and this is just my small contribution. ___________________________ If you wish to commission a painting for illustration and publishing purposes please contact my agent. They are lovely people. phone: +44 (0)20 7720 5202 www.illustrationweb.com hello@illustrationweb.com You can see my Portfolio on their site at: http://www.illustrationweb.com/artists/LiamOFarrell/view Offices in: UK, New York, Paris, Hamburg, Shanghai, Singapore Illustration Ltd, 2 Brooks Court, Cringle Street, London SW8 5BX, UK