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At first sight Borku seems to be a magician, a tightrope walker between different worlds, a colorful clown, a dancer o the bearded woman. He is a chameleon like figure only possible underneath a blanket from the magical circus of imagination. When you get to know him you realize that his complex persona is discovered when you break it down to the basics. You realize that all his art creations are only the answer to his only questions. You realize that the color is his language and the simple stroke is his grammar. All is mixed in the same plane since not one thing has priority over other. All the elements are strained through a fine and childlike sieve to only remain all that is vital. The extraordinary is the fact that the world we live on allows him to call it "work". Perhaps it is because on top of his imagination, he also has talent, experience, and the guts to offer an extraordinary result in his art. To whom it may concern, Borku studied graphic design in Masana, Llotja and Illa schools. However, his technique was molded by observing and practicing which is the best way which an artist can improve, even more so in Germany where he lived for a while. He combines his talents of illustrator and designer, specially within the biggest Spanish record labels: Vale Music, Blanco y Negro, Metropol Records, BMG Ariola, Arcade, etc.) Music fulfills more than one's soul. Since 1997 he works under the name of Anbork Studios. (http://www.anbork.com) He works in publicity, packaging, web designs, etc. and whenever his son Nil allows him to, he will play with his PlayStation or organizes openings of his art in small galleries. That is how I see Borku