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My name is Chris Piascik. I am a graphic designer/artist residing in Cambridge, MA. I am part-owner and designer of Print Brigade, a small clothing company. I am also a designer at Alphabet Arm and I just finished two years of being an adjunct professor at the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford. Things have been crazy but I am into it. Background I was raised on the (not so) mean streets of a small shoreline town in Connecticut. My first important work of art was finished at age 4, it was a drawing of my family going to a funeral. I was shown with a gun, my father with a chainsaw. I became fascinated with design a few years later when I discovered music. Whenever I would get a new album, I would remove the packaging and make my own. I attended the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford and graduated with a BFA in Visual Communication Design and Art History. I like punk rock, screen-printed posters, t-shirts, bicycles and rollerblading.