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I am a college sophomore at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I've lived in the Boulder area since I was 3 years old, and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. The terrain around the city is gorgeous and every time I drive the turnpike from Denver to Boulder I think how lucky I am to be in such a beautiful place. I'd like to think of myself as a budding artist, but I tend to reserve the title for those with immediately discernible talent. I don't mean to be self-deprecating, only commenting on my lack of practice and absolute ignorance of proper technique. In time, I'm sure my hand will steady and my scribbles will turn into something palpable and definite. I'm a bit impatient, though, and waiting for something to happen has never been characteristic for me. I hope you enjoy my doodling, if only because it will slowly and purposefully lead to that which we all label 'art.'