Glasgow University from The Kelvingrove Park – Watercolour in a Watercolour Moleskine

Glasgow university was founded in 1451 and is rated amongst the highest in our country. It offers studies in most courses and currently is the only place where you can study a range of complete “professions”such as Medicine, Dentistry, Law and Veterinary science. This view shows the main building viewed from the nearby Kelvingrove Park where the River Kelvin winds its way through this part of the city.

Glasgow is completely different from Edinburgh. It is much larger, being Scotland’s largest city and has a dynamic feel to it whereas Edinburgh is more “sedate”. This probably leads to the notion that Glasgow folk perceive Edinburgh folk to be rather stand-offish or just plain “stuck up”. There is a saying about Edinburgh folk that they have airs above their station and they have “pianos but nae drawers”. (Lots of fine furniture on display but cannot afford decent underwear). Edinburgh folk are said to look down on those from Glasgow. Whatever the truth behind all this “banter” I would urge visitors, to Scotland, to include a visit to the “Dear Green Place”. One thing you will find is a population so friendly it is almost embarrassing.(Unless you say you hail from the capital city). Glasgow folk also have a reputation for quick witted comments. This is a true story:

It is impossible to stand still, in Glasgow, while holding a street map. Within seconds someone will offer assistance. A former colleague of mine did just that while visiting George Square in Glasgow’s centre. “Can I help you, Jimmy?” (everyone is called Jimmy in Glasgow). My colleague replied, rather stupidly as it turns out. He said, “Thanks. I have a problem. I am from Edinburgh…” and before he could continue he was met with, “That’s no’ a problem, Jimmy. That’s a disease!”.