This is the old smithy [forge] at The Weald and Downland open air museum atSingleton near Goodwood in Sussex [uk].
The museum dismantles and rescues buildings of historic importance and rebuilds them in the rural setting of the museum.Some are made into villages or streets.
The buildings are fascinating, there is a watermill that mills its own flour that is then sold on site,a medieval farm house, carpenters workshops,barns charcoal burners hut etc etc.
The smithy is from a village called Southwater and is in daily use by the resident blacksmith who makes and repairs all manner of metal objects for the museum.
Its a great place to go and is brilliant for those artists who are into buildings, several staff dressed in traditional costumes are available to give the talks and demonstrations of ancient skills such as Elizabethan cookery Bodging [making chair legs and braces using pole lathes].
The round mill stone thing in the foreground of the picture is used to put a cartwheel on while its red hot iron rim is fitted, water is then poured over it to shrink the rim to the wheel and hold the spokes in place.
I may do a few more of the buildings using the photos that I took.May try a watercolour even!