Towards Tormain Woods from Ratho Mains Farm – Acrylic with ink highlights in a Watercolour Moleskine

This is me trying something different, namely some of the techniques employed by Roland Hilder. I was impressed by one of his “skies” so followed his method to produce the washes with hard edges. For those of you, interested, the page was given a thin wash of Burnt Sienna and allowed to dry. Then a wash of very thin Lamp Black was put on top leaving the odd gap where the clouds would be. The final washes consisted of overlapping washes of Ultramarine Blue and Light Red allowing each to dry before the next. The hard edges are, of course, deliberately left and not blended in as I normally do when attempting this sort of work. When I completed this sketch (which was done on a lightly textured paper) I tried a full-sized version, on heavy HP paper, measuring around 12” x 18” ( 30cm x 45cm – these measurements, incidentally are great. Our country converted to metric measurement in the 1970′s and I had to teach using that system. Now that I’m retired I can use inches again). The final version (or as far as I wish to go with it) had a mount added and a photo can be seen at
I love working with very heavy, Hot Pressed paper as I can get tiny details in easily. In this case, however, I think I prefer the version in the sketchbook. It also illustrates that I cannot copy one sketch to the next (Note the position of the horizon on each page).