Battle of Britain Memorial Flight – Watercolour and ink on a Watercolour Moleskine.

We had just finished our visit to Jedburgh Abbey when a familiar sound broke the peace of the evening. Two aircraft suddenly appeared over the town. These were the Hawker Hurricane and Avro Lancaster belonging to the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. I had quite forgotten the significance of the date and remembered that the annual airshow was taking place at RAF Leuchars near St Andrews. A Supermarine Spitfire also belongs to the “Flight” but it must have been making its own way home by a different route. Every year, the Battle of Britain is remembered as a tribute to the part the “Few” played in the salvation of our country. Air shows take place all over Britain as close as possible to “Battle of Britain Day (15th September) which was the day the the tide of battle was said to have swung in the favour of this island. The battle, in the skies over the south of England, took place between Allied fighter aircraft and the Bombers and fighters of the Luftwaffe. The hurricane, in this scene, remembers this part of the early days of WW2. Later on, massive allied bomber raids devastated part of mainland Europe and the Lancaster is the memorial to the 55,573 crew who lost their lives. Of course other countries, mainly the United States of America also lost vast number of men and these are remembered also. It is fitting that we remember all those, on both sides, who were casualties of the conflict so that we learn from history. Somehow, however, we always seem to forget the lesson.