Since much of this is volcano country there are a lot of hot springs around. This one is in Reno, Nevada and is called Steamboat Hot Springs (supposedly named that by Mark Twain when he was writing for the newspaper in Virginia City). Native peoples had used these springs for a long time before 1800. After that it became a stagecoach stop, a post office, a hospital and a hotel. The waters are very hot and cooling tanks are needed before it can be used, and there are volcanic minerals in it found nowhere else in the U.S. (supposedly). I took a tour of the place the last time I was in Reno, and each bathing room has a large tub and a window made of stained class with a different color for each room. It’s supposed to be light therapy while one is sitting in the mineral bath. Anyhow, these days it is pretty run down, and they are trying to get some sort of funding to upgrade it since it is of historical interest.