Falls of Dochart, Killin – Acrylic Paint in an A4 Watercolour Moleskine

I was looking through some photographs, for subject matter to paint, and I came across this scene. It shows the waterfalls on the River Dochart in the village of Killin. When I took the photograph, two years ago, we were enjoying dry, sunny weather and the river was quite low. The scene shows the right hand side of the falls as viewed from the bridge in the centre of Killin. The group of trees, on the left, are actually on an island and the river runs past both sides. Last week saw parts of Scotland experience record amounts of rain and much damage has occurred. This view would be transformed today with the torrent covering most of these rocks and sweeping underneath the bridge. It’s quite spectacular being on the bridge when the river is in full spate but is also a wee bit terrifying when you come up against nature’s power. Further north, in Aberdeenshire, a similar bridge was destroyed by the floods and many folk were evacuated as their houses were damaged or destroyed by the downpour. Ye canna’ beat Mother Nature but only learn tae live wi’ her.