Towards Ratho from Freelands Road – Ink in a Watercolour Moleskine

This started as an experiment with different tones. The great 20th century artist, Rowland Hilder, says in his book, “Painting Landscapes in Watercolour”, that the colour of trees in high summer can be obtained from a mix of lampblack and lemon yellow. This seemed like a strange way to get green tones but Hilder was fond of using black in his works. Trying to get some inspiration I drew this scene with black ink then, when dry, glazed over with different yellow and red ink. I was amazed to see the black areas being transformed into different colours. I never thought it was possible to “glaze” with ink in the same way as watercolour paint. Once I’ve got the hang of this I just might have another weapon in my armoury.

The buildings, in the middle, belong to a renowned blacksmiths “Ratho Byres Forge”

If, like me, you have the traditional image of the blacksmith shoeing horses, then take a look at this website. Its great to have this on my doorstep.