Trees near Edinburgh Airport – Ink/Watercolour in a Watercolour Moleskine

Started sketching this while out on a recent cycle run. It was finished, later, at home. These beeches are heavy with leaf and more come down in windy weather, at this time of year, than at any other. Experts say its because the dense foliage creates a barrier to weather. Because of this ability to provide shelter beeches were planted as “nursery trees” around estates and forests. These ones are next to Gogarburn Golf Course, opposite Edinburgh Airport. The golf course was once was a large private estate with a huge range of different trees from around the world. In our folklore, they are known as “The Mother of the Forest” and its thought that a 30 foot specimen can provide a windbreak of up to 3 times that distance. Using this knowledge, one school pupil once wrote that a 30 foot beech tree can break wind for 90 feet – a frightening thought!