Passing By
3.5″ x 5.5″ Watercolor and Pen on Landscape Moleskine
By Kirby

Ok. This morning I was geared up to do some sketching. Minus some napkins for wiping my brush everything went all right. That reminds me I need to wash my jeans before the paint dries.

I was looking for something to sketch and didn’t see anything that I liked until I drove over the railroad tracks looked to my left and saw this train. Ah haaa. What was really cool is how long this train was. I parked the car and sat right down about 5 feet away from the track and commenced to sketching. Then I started on the sky which didn’t come out as planned I think I need to use the same puddle from my palette. Just wait a little right when it starts to lose its sheen the apply more paint into the bottoms of the clouds.

When I started on the train some noise from behind started getting louder and louder until finally, yep its a train all right. Its going to pass on this trains right side. I guess you would say hes on the wrong side of the track, lol. Anyway it was really loud, and the ground shook under me. The horn was even louder. But with no fear I kept adding paint. I was about to burst out laughing I thought it was hilarious I was sitting there sketching this train while another comes blowing by.