3.5″ x 5.5″ Pen and Watercolor on Landscape Moleskine
By Kirby

After I did the Backyard Sprout I did this painting. Actually I was headed out to do this one but noticed the sprouted plant in the backyard first. I decided I would do that because you never know when you will see that again. Well tomorrow probably. I don’t think its going anywhere accept up a little, lol. Maybe more bug eating on the leaves etc. The boat I don’t think its going anywhere unless its a record breaking heat wave all focused on our house and it evaporates all the water. Either that or it springs a leak which this boat is built stout.

I called this one Sunk. It rained recently and the drain plug in the rear of the boat was plugged up with tree debris. Well the boat filled with water and down she went. It was funny when I notice her like that. I knew right away what happened. The last time that happened the dive crew had to go out in heavy rain wearing swim goggles and swim trunks. The salvage dive guy will be out tomorrow to get the debris out and resurface her. She’ll be good as new, lol.