Backyard Sprout
5.5″ x 3.5″ Pen and Watercolor on Landscape Moleskine
By Kirby

I’ve been inspired by a well known artist, Charles Reid. I’ve read about him in a magazine called Watercolor Artist in August 2009 issue. He did a painting called Macy 2 which I thought was awesome. Its a man at standing next to his fishing boat. I did a sketch of the man pushing his boat out to sea, heres the link:

Since then someone has suggested I take a look at his works and I recently obtained Pulling Your Paintings Together by Charles Reid from the library. Its really cool. Lots of information and he gives assignments for the artist to do.

This painting was done after reading and studying some of his work. One thing I took note is he suggests having lost and found edges and to at least have the painting touch 3 borders. HIs sketches involves using lost and found contours and to sketch inside and outside contours. Its very interesting. Theres a lot of other information he gives but those I picked up on. More to learn….