Rice Canal
3.5″ x 5.5″ Watercolor and Pen on Landscape Moleskine
By Kirby

I’m back to spontaneous painting. This was a lot of fun. I was heading back home and sure enough looking for something to paint. Bingo!! Here’s this awesome rice canal with a lot of colors. I’ve been wanting to do this rice canal for sometime. I go over it every day. This is early morning and it took about 45 minutes to do. The colors were always changing. I found myself adding things here and there and noticing other things like the light on the grass thats in the water. I had a nice place to stand up and put my sketch kit on the side railing while cars come and go. The water was moving pretty fast that day and kind of made a vertigo effect when bubbles came gliding through or the occasional flotsam. I felt like I might fall in every time I looked down to paint. I didn’t think about it but theres fish in here, probably catfish but there might be bass in here not for sure. I heard one gulp something down and make a big splash. I like this spot. Next time I will try and do one when it is a different color. I took a photo of the canal its on my website. Search for Rice Canal.