All this and Bats too – Inktense in a Watercolour Moleskine

A late evening sketch, looking northwards from the local woods over some recently harvested cereal fields. Thursday has been a nice day but the weather is set to turn stormy. I’m enjoying playing around with a few Inktense pencils but don’t know how this drawing will turn out. I’m thinking that the local farmer must be giving thanks in getting his crops cut and the hay bailed (That’s what these cylinders, in the fields, are meant to be – one wee boy said they were Polo Mints for cows). I finally return home and sit outside in the darkness unwilling to give up and go inside. Suddenly I’m surrounded by small bats flitting around the house. We have had bats roosting under the eaves of our house for many years but recent building work, in the woods behind us, seemed to have disturbed them and we haven’t seen them at all this year. Its such a joy to realise they have not gone.
PS A few inches of rain fell on Friday and Saturday.