Wildlife Refuge
3.5″ x 11″ Watercolor and pen
By Kirby

Weekends are fun. Thats when I love going on trips with my Dad. We took a trip to the Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, seen here. Weve been here plenty of times but this day I had my sketchbook with me. There are a lot of migratory birds that visit this area. This is the first place I seen a black necked stilt, didn’t know what it was when I saw it but I was able to look it up according to my sketch of him which I thought was really awesome. The sketch can be seen on my website. Its also home to alligators. During the spring of this year we saw a 12 footer right next to this walking bridge. I have a picture of him too on my website. Luckily I snapped a photo of his mating call, its a deep bellowing grunting sound and it makes his body shake and the water around him. The water almost dances and sounds like a water fountain.