Champagne Mango

This is my submission for this month’s theme challenge.

Champagne mangoes are a bit smaller (only about the size of my hand) and sweeter than regular mangoes; they are grown on only one family farm in Mexico and are very difficult to find in this area of the US (the closest place that carries them is a Whole Foods Market located about an hour North of here in Pittsburgh). While I won’t make the drive specifically for these beauties, whenever I find myself in Pittsburgh I stop in at the market and purchase a dozen or more to bring home with me. Once they ripen they can be kept in the fridge for a few weeks, giving me plenty of time to savor their sweet, ambrosial flesh.

My favorite dessert is one of these, either at room temperature or just out of the fridge and chilled, sliced and scored and eaten one bite-sized piece at a time. If you ever have the chance to savor a champagne mango or two, I highly recommend it!

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