This was truly an amazing sight. I went for a drive on July 2nd up into higher elevations, and I’ve always known there were hillsides covered with pink pussypaws, but I’ve NEVER seen them in such abundance. I rounded a corner and they were even in the middle of the dirt road, covering everything. And right at that point my camera battery went dead, so I sat and sketched the pink phenomenon, but came back the next day with my camera ready—because it may be years until we see such a sight again. On the right in the circle you can get an idea of what the plant looks like. It is a rosette, only grows about 4-6 inches high, and the pink blossoms stand erect when the ground is hot and lie flat when the ground is coolish. We had some late rains in late May and very early in June, and that’s rare, so this may be the result of those late rains. I may drive up there again because it was just soooooooooooo gorgeous!!!