Scottish Dessert – pencil with some ink in a Watercolour Moleskine

My entry for July’s Theme Challenge which is “Desserts”. Why not give this a go? Just submit a piece of artwork based on this theme and tag it as shown below. We are also looking for more ideas for themes and urge everyone to post theirs in the Forums section “MONTHLY THEME CHALLENGE”.

The late Sir Harry Lauder often humoured the Scots whisky culture in songs such as “I belong to Glasgow” (When I get a couple of drinks on a Saturday, Glasgow belongs to me). No one is laughing now. Many of my countrymen consume far too much alcohol and this is becoming known as a “Scottish Disease”. On average Scots drink almost ten litres of alcohol annually which means some are consuming a hell of a lot more than this considering some of us, like me, rarely drink. Scotland is eighth in the world drinking league. If my coarse attempt at humour draws attention to this then the monthly theme has had another use.