Beecraigs Country Park – Inktense on a Watercolour Moleskine

Another of our local parks, Beecraigs is just outside Linlithgow. It boasts a deer breeding scheme, many walks, fishing and camping facilities. This scene shows Beecraigs Loch near the east end of the park. I sketched this with some difficulty as a flock of geese kept waddling around me looking for food. When it was obvious they were not getting any they decided to take their frustration out on a small boat with two guys trying to fly fish for trout. It was extremely funny (not for the boat’s occupants) to see them taking off and dive bombing the boat, finally landing in a circle around it and tormenting the sportsmen.

The shore around the loch is lined with magnificent pines and larches and I’ve tried to draw some of these on the opposite bank. I’ll post another effort, drawn along that opposite bank which, hopefully, gives some idea of this area.