Drawing of a wall in Berwick church in West Sussex, this was painted by Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell who decorated the inside of the church, some parts were done at a later date by her son.
Vanessa bell was Virginia Woolfs sister.
They were the people at the center of the Bloomsbury group of artists.They lived at a farmhouse just down the road called Charleston [for65 years in all].The inside of the house is decorated top to bottom by them as well, a place well worth a visit its fantastic and so are the gardens.
Reading a book about this group at the moment very bohemian and alternative in their art and relationships!!Their connections read like a who’s who of the early 20th century art and literary world, a great friend of theirs who also spent a lot of time at Charleston was Maynard Keynes.
My family has a very distant tie with this group as my wife is related to the artist Harold Gilman who was a friend of Walter Sickert of the Camden group who influenced the Bloomsbury group.