The view from the side of my house – Pencil/ink early on a hot morning, scribbled into a plain Moleskine

This is the latest in a series designed to assist local burglars and complements a previous post. The view is from a deck, constructed over an asymmetric platform on top of a very steep slope, the idea being to take this slope out of life’s equation saving the need for weeding etc. This was last year’s annual project (I like to attempt something daft every year) but, it’s the first time I have actually found a use for the thing. I am sitting on a wooden bench which stores masses of pots and trays. The weather was so bad, last year, I never even considered this as a place to sketch, everything always being too wet. The time is just before 7.30am and the sun is already becoming too hot for me (my excuse for this hurried effort).
Its going to be a beautiful day, God’s gift to us.