Pink Snow – Jawbone Walk, Edinburgh Meadows – Watercolour in an A4Watercolour Moleskine

Jawbone Walk is one of the main paths cutting across the Meadows. It gets its name from the curious arch constructed from the jawbones of whales, placed at the south end of the route. You can just about see this here:

The Meadows

This was a common practise in days gone by when whaling was one of the mainstays of Scottish industry, in fact whale oil was the only oil available for lighting until James Young developed a method of extracting oil from shale bearing rocks. There is a similar structure on top of North Berwick Law but it is formed from fibreglass, the original having disintegrated long ago. The path is lined with flowering cherries which only seem to bloom for a few days every year, the climate causes the blossom to fall prematurely. At least I saw it this year