Edinburgh’s Meadows – Watercolour on a A4 Watercolour Moleskine

This is the view on the opposite side of Melville Drive (please see my previous post). This thoroughfare divides Bruntsfield Links from the Meadows – both areas are well used by folks relaxing, playing games, jogging etc. Thankfully there are a few pedestrian crossings which stop the traffic thus allowing access from one area to another. We used to say that no foreign power would ever be able to invade this part of Scotland as their soldiers, tanks whatever would not be able to get through the traffic. It is so popular that annual events, connected with Edinburgh’s Festival have been moved, this year, to give the grass a chance to recover.

The Meadows used to be a large expanse of water, the South or Burgh Loch. It was used as a water supply for the city but was drained, in 1801, to allow work for the “Industrious Poor”. When Melville Drive was opened, in 1859, people began to use the area as a place to relax and the grassed areas were landscaped with Elms, Limes, Chestnuts and many other smaller tree species such as Cherry. It is some of these unfortunate elms which now need to be removed. At the spot where this scene was sketched there is a “new” stump surrounded by pieces left by the chainsaw. I picked up a piece of the tree’s heartwood measuring a few inches across. Its rings suggest it was about 25 years old and would have been part of the original sapling 150 or so years ago. I’ll make something from it. These magnificent plants do not deserve to be forgotten.