Garden Visitors – Inktense on a Watercolour Moleskine

Put a new bird feeder up, in the Eucalyptus tree, at the weekend and was rewarded by, amongst many other small birds, these “newcomers” to my garden. Since I hadn’t a clue what they were, I put a photo on

Unusual Visitors to the bird feeder

My son replied saying they were Goldfinches. They were back again today and I took many photos – this is copied from one of them. I’ve never seen this type before and can only guess that the new building work, in the woods behind our house, has caused them to move. My son’s bird recognition is legendary. Years ago, when he was small, he took part in a National Bird Census. He spotted many, many birds but we had to explain to him that South American Condors, as well as others spotted on the television, didn’t count.