Edinburgh’s Old Town, from the roof of the Museum of Scotland – Ink

Its possible to stroll around the terraced gardens, on the roof of the museum. We visited on Thursday, had lunch then tried to stay upright in a “Stiff breeze” while I sketched and took some photographs. The Museum of Scotland (completed in 1998) tells Scotland’s history, through a vast display of artefacts, on a series of seven floors. The original museum, (completed in 1888) has a more comprehensive collection of items but is closed for renovation at present. Both buildings are attached to each other and well worth a visit although you would have to spend a lot of time to see everything – and probably miss out on other, local attractions.

I’ve tried something different in this post. I’ve always been inspired by the works of Rowland Hilder, (1905 – 1993) the American born artist who emigrated to England in 1915. He was famous for his use of bold colours and was unafraid to use large areas of black to emphasise a point. I hope this has worked.