Para Mhuire – una pintura de ciervos de Escocia – Inktense pencils on a Watercolour Moleskine

Mhuire mentioned, in my post of 2nd April, that she would like to see what our native deer looked like – so here goes.
Mhuire, this painting is compiled from two photographs. Both were taken on separate holidays some years ago. The two female deer (hinds), in the foreground were so tame they could almost be fed by hand but this is to be discouraged as they loose all fear of people and can become very vulnerable. The stag in the background was added to give the scene some extra sense. Stags, or males, are usually harder to see as they tend to be shy and will round up their herds of hinds and shepherd them quickly away as soon as danger approaches. These are “Red Deer” the most common of all Scottish types with about 300,000 in our country.
I must thank you for suggesting this as a painting as I came up with a new way to use my watercolour pencils – a way I had not considered before. I hope you like this and apologies for my poor use of Spanish.
Un cordial saludo – Bob