The Windy Woods – Watercolour/Ink/Inktense on a Watercolour Moleskine

This is the far end of one of my daily walks. The proper name for out local wooded area is Tormain Woods. The “Windy” nickname comes from the fact that they are exposed to the prevailing westerly wind which “sculpts” the trees severely. Other, apt names include “Badger Woods” for obvious reasons. Badgers are not the only creatures which live here. There are foxes, stoats and weasels which, like the badgers, are hard to spot but they leave evidence of their presence. The tops of the trees are home to colonies of rooks and crows which go mad when people dare to walk through their territory. More elusive are the deer which are hardly ever seen but, if you keep very quite, you can hear them, in the distance, going “Woof, Woof”.