Freelands Road and a ghostly occurrence – Ink on a Watercolour Moleskine

I used to cycle to work along this road in every sort of weather condition. Some years ago, the wintry weather was very cold and misty. As I cycled under the railway bridge, in the centre of this scene, a following car slowed down to avoid getting too close. Its headlights suddenly threw an huge image of me, on my bike, against the curtain of mist which was hanging in the trees. As the vehicle drew closer my “image” was suddenly encircled in a bright ring of light about 20 feet in diameter. Both I and the car driver stopped to look at this for a few moments and we agreed that we had never seen anything like it before. Later, in the school where I taught, a colleague; a teacher of physics suggested that we had experienced a “Brocken Spectre”. I wonder if anyone else has seen this phenomenon which is, as the link shows, usually observed in mountains?