Trees near Ransfield Farm by Ratho – Ink/Inktense with some pencil shading on a Watercolour Moleskine Out for a long walk today and was surprised to see that the local farmer had managed to get his fields ploughed for the coming season. There was, until recent weeks, a fair amount of snow lying and it’s still covering the Ochill Hills, in Fife, which can be seen in the distance. These trees mark the boundary of the farm and Ratho Park Golf Course. They must have been planted as a hedge years ago since many of the lower branches have been “pollarded”. They have, however, been left to their own devices for a long time as the weird twisting shapes testify. One of the trunks, further along the road, has “1920” carved into it. A strange feeling as this was a couple of years before my late father was born. I wonder who cut that date into it?