Some Edinburgh Churches and a coincidence – Ink on a Watercolour Moleskine
There are many old churches in Edinburgh. The architecture is superb! On one set of road junctions, in the Bruntsfield area, four churches used to stand. The locals called it, “Holy Corner”, a name that survives to this day.
I watched an old Western, recently. It was a 1957 film, starring Stewart Granger, called “Gun Glory”. The opening titles were accompanied by Burl Ives singing, what appeared to be, some sort of religious song. Intrigued, I did some internet research and discovered the song is called “There were ninety and nine”, written by one Elizabeth Cecilia Clephane in the mid 1800′s. This link has the words and the tune but other, similar searches give details of her and her short life (1830 – 1869)

Elizabeth is buried in St. Cuthbert’s churchyard near Edinburgh’s west end. My drawing shows the spire of St Cuthbert’s on the right with St John’s church, at the foot of Lothian Road, just peeking through the trees. I must have walked past this place a thousand times but find it hard to comprehend that her song found its way to be used by the American Film Industry and, by such a famous person as Burl Ives. The world is, indeed, a small place.