Arthur’s Seat from Blackford Hill, Edinburgh – Watercolour on a Watercolour Moleskine

Edinburgh is supposed to be built on seven hills (Trying to be like Rome, Lisbon etc). The trouble is, most folk argue which of the many hills, in the city, should be included in the list. (Parts of the city are very hilly – just ask any cyclist). The main consensus is, however, that Arthur’s Seat is at the top of the list. The “Seat” can be seen on the right of the background and is an ancient volcano. It dominates Edinburgh’s skyline. It is supposed to look like a lion crouching but maybe our imagination is running riot here. To the immediate left are Salisbury Crags which overlook the old town and the New Scottish Parliament. The “built up area”, shown is between Arthur’s Seat and Blackford Hill and lies towards the southern part of Edinburgh. The city’s old observatory is on Blackford Hill but is rarely usable these days due to light pollution. To the left of this scene the Firth of Forth and the hills of Fife can be seen towards the north.