The Bass Rock, Firth of Forth – looking towards the East Lothian Coastline

Watercolour and ink highlights in a Watercolour Moleskine

The Bass Rock is just over 100metres high and guards the entrance to the Firth of Forth. Edinburgh is about 20 miles to the right of this scene. In the past, hundreds of years ago, it was used as a prison and, like the American Alcatras was considered escape proof. Today the rock is home to the largest gannet colony in the world so access is restricted. In the background is North Berwick Law, a hill which overlooks the small town of North Berwick. The Law is about 180metres high and is the remains of a volcanic chain which runs the length of the Lothians – Edinburgh Castle sits on part of it. Firth is a Scottish word for estuary, in this case the estuary of the River Forth. This confuses many visitors when they hear about the “Forth Bridge”, they often ask where the other three are. East Lothian is famous for its fertile lands, comparatively low rainfall (compared with the rest of Scotland) and its golf courses which are among the most well known worldwide. Muirfield, where the Open is played every few years, is just along the coast in the village of Gullane which has four other courses – we Scots like our golf.