Edinburgh’s skyline as seen from Princes Street – Watercolour/Pencil & Pen on a Watercolour Moleskine

This is the view most visitors experience when looking up to the old town from the centre of the city. Not all the skyline is shown, for instance, Edinburgh Castle would be on the right of this picture while the east of the city would be placed to the left. To get everything in would mean a really long, thin drawing with tiny buildings.

The dark building, with towers at the corners is the home of the General assembly of the Church of Scotland and sits near the top of the Mound. It was temporarily used as the headquarters for Scotland’s Devolved Parliament until the Parliament moved to the foot of the Royal Mile, opposite Holyrood Palace. The dark tower, on the horizon to the left, is the crown-shaped steeple of the High Church of St. Giles while the building at the extreme left is the headquarters of the ill-fated Bank of Scotland which is a victim of the recent, so called, “credit crunch”.