Running for the bus, Princes Street, Wednesday 21st January 2009 – Watercolour and Ink on a Watercolour Moleskine.

When the old town of Edinburgh became too crowded, a “new town” to the north was planned.
The main street, between this new town and old Edinburgh was called Princes Street. The original name was to be St Giles Street but it was decided to name it in honour of the three sons (princes) of King George 111. (1738 – 1820) Princes street is just over one mile in length and is unique, among most European Capitals’ main shopping streets in that there are no buildings, shops etc on its south side. This means that shoppers, on the north side, have an uninterrupted view of the gardens and, of course, Edinburgh Castle.

P.S. We didn’t catch the bus and I was fuming! I was, however, really humbled a while later when the next bus came. On board was a young man in a wheelchair. He had lost both legs. I realised that he wouldn’t be able to run for any bus. We should give thanks for our blessings – often!