Hey, Moleskiners. We’re new to the scene. Sojourner Leatherwork is an artisan group for Christine and Luke Thompson. We don’t put our art in the Moleskine, but rather we like to put it around the Moleskine. We do leather art, and we especially like Moleskine covers.

This is our first run at making a cover for a moleskine pocket with a leather flap that wraps around the cover (especially popular these days in journal designs). What’s nice about the style is that it gives us an entire third side to do our toolwork on. The toolwork uses almost all hand-made leather stamps from Argentina, and toolwork method is Argentinian in nature. The outside is tooling hide, and the inside is lined with suede, which we won’t do again since you can’t do any toolwork on it. But this one turned out alright.