West Prince’s Street Gardens, Winter – Dilute Indian Ink on a Regular Moleskine

This follows a lengthy discussion recently about getting colour to sit on the pages of a regular sketchbook. I had just about given up on trying to add tone to my original Moleskine when I discovered, by chance, that dilute Indian ink sits on the surface then granulates. I hope this might be of some interest to some of you. If the ink is applied by brush it can then be “smoothed” over larger areas.

This is the West Gardens in central Edinburgh. I suspect many folk will make use of the benches, donated in memory of departed loved ones, this year as Prince’s Street will be closed to traffic to make way for the new tramway system. Prince’s Street is up the hill on the right while Edinburgh Castle is just to the left of this scene. The gardens are home to hundreds of ravenous squirrels and pigeons which can get quite aggressive if not offered titbits. Visitors beware!