It’s that time of year – Watercolour (and other certain things)

Did you get receive lots of cards like this one? The fairy tale scene of a snowy hamlet where all is peaceful. If you did, tough ’cause here is another one with a few authentic “merrymakers” added. Actually its:

a) an attempt to wish all the folks in the USA, France, Malta, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Bosnia, Scotland and even Kirkcaldy a “Happy Christmas”. Sorry I did not send all of you cards but I hail from the said “Kirkcaldy” and have a Fifer’s mean reputation to maintain.

b) This is a far better way to pass a wild and stormy afternoon instead of watching James Stewart being chased by “angels” called Clarence.

c) I have been clearing out my paints (I always get many art vouchers for presents [hint] at this time of year from my family so need to make space for new stuff). This explains the mix of watercolours, textured gels, acrylic and alcohol based pens.

Have a great time, everyone. (Or if its late in being published “Happy Christmas 2014″