Thursday 24th May/Sunday 2nd June – Tormain Woods, Watercolour

A short walk round the local woods always seems like a good idea especially when you are tired and need to be re-invigorated. We subjected our guests to this twice on their visit. Once at the start of their visit when exhaustion, from the long flight was setting in and once at the end when things were winding down.

The woods are just a protective strip of trees, mainly beeches, which have been planted to shelter the local farms fields. Towards the top of a slight climb there is a stile leading to a small hill where ancient “cup and ring” marking have been left by inhabitants long gone. I find this a magical place, a place to loose one’s imagination and wonder what was here millennia ago. Some of the trees are nearing the end of their useful lives but the local farmer, with the wisdom which comes from working on the land, has obtained a grant allowing the replanting of saplings which, hopefully, when the trees reach maturity, will add to the enchantment of this place in years to come.