Cliftonhall Road by Ratho – Watercolour and Ink

After some dodgy weather forecasts one came through

Stav’ got it right

As temperatures fell, around tea time, last night,
We studied the forecast and wondered
Would it rain, hail or snow, you know, that sort of thing?
Or maybe a wee bit o’ thunder?

But Stav* promised us snow, plenty of snow
Traffic disruption an’ a’
Some rain would fa’ first on frozen highways
And then they’d be plenty of sna’.

Dawn came, it looked nice, though no sign of snow
Just an overcast sky and some cloud.
So I went to the shops walking down a steep hill.
“Whar’s yer sna’ noo?”, I cried out aloud.

Then a stiff wind sprang up, rain blew in from the west.
It fell on the ground and froze fast.
It was hard to stand up or make headway back home
And I nearly fell twice on my (censored).

I finally got home and began to thaw out.
My frozen demeanour a sight
Stav had promised us snow, plenty of snow
At least half of his forecast was right.

A warming hot drink with a hot bacon roll
Just the thing to feel human again
A wee sleep in the chair, cosy fire in the grate
I’m sure there’s no need to explain.

But what’s this I see as I look through the glass.
Its dark, there is hardly a sound
And there’s snow, snow, plenty of snow
Falling fast, blizzard like on the ground.

Here’s to Stav the foreseer, whose predictions bear out
He really is top of the tops
We have snow, snow, plenty of snow
And I don’t have to go to the shops.

* Stav Danaos – BBC Scotland Weather presenter