Lauriston Castle – Ink

Lauriston Castle, near the north side of Edinburgh is not actually a castle but was formerly a grand house in its own grounds. It now is used as a venue for many arts and crafts meetings. I once attended one for artists who were invited to create a painting of the building or any part of its grounds. My effort, then was not too great but I came across a photograph, taken that day, and decided to use it to imagine what things would look like when viewed from a different angle. This rough scene shows the building with three faces of the octagonal tower shown. In my original scene the left hand face was in the middle and the tree was at the right hand side. I was looking for something different to try as I am in a rut at the moment. Little did I realise how hard this exercise is – but it got the old brain working. If you fancy trying something different such as this – DON’T. You will go mad.